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Our Mission

At Dr. Maneesh Rai's Dental Clinic, we want our patients to understand dentistry. We have prepared these dental pages for them to learn more about this fascinating art"n"science. The more they know, the better the decisions they can make about what they want out of dentistry and the better we can help them have a life time of smiles and happiness.

We believe that they should receive the best dental care possible, and should be completely informed of the condition of their oral health. We believe in "full care" dentistry. This means that we will recommend whatever is needed to bring them to an optimum state of oral health and to prevent any future problems. This type of dental care is the same as what we would recommend if they were members of our immediate family. We want to make sure that after their treatment is completed they will only need to visit us for regular cleanings in order to maintain this high degree of oral health.

We offer complete preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services including implants, bonding, tooth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, and sealants. Our doctors are skilled in providing periodontal (gum), orthodontic (Correction of crooked teeth) ,endodontic (root canal) and all types of restorative therapies, and oral surgery.

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